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Online Store (Books)

Local Branch
MacPherson Centre: www.yoga.org.sg

South East Asia
Ananda Marga Manila Sector: www.manilasector.org
Ananda Marga Malaysia: www.anandamarga.net.my
Ananda Marga Indonesia: www.anandamarga.or.id

Around the Planet
Ananda Marga: www.anandamarga.org
Ananda Marga Association of Yoga Educators (AMAYE): www.amaye.org
Proutist Universal: www.prout.org
Women’s Welfare Department (WWD): www.pwsa.org

Ananda Marga Gurukul – Education: www.gurukul.edu
Prout College: www.proutcollege.org
Neohumanist Education Schools: www.nhe.gurukul.edu

Social Sevices
Ananda Marga Universal Relief Team (AMURT): www.amurt.net
Baan Unrak Children’s Villiage – Children Home: www.baanunrak.org
Bann Dada – Children Home: baandada.org
Rurapuk – People Helping People: www.rurapuk.com

The Arts
Renaissance Artists and Writers Association (RAWA): www.rawa.ru.org
New Renaissance Magazine (RU): www.ru.org
Inner Song – Music for Spiritual & Social Transformation: www.innersong.com

Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and Plants (PCAP): www.pcap.amps.org

Ananda Marga Wellness Center: www.amwellness.org

Online Store
Sentient Detox – Organic Traditional Plants: www.sentientshopping.net
Peru Puppets – Handmade Finger Puppets & Dolls: www.perupuppets.com

Other Links:

Fasting Calendar: www.skillcase.com/fasting

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    What Our Students Say … “I have just completed the Beginner’s yoga class & in fact, I repeated the Beginner’s class to comprehend the concepts better and apply well during my home practices. The relaxed pace at which the breath synchronized “Asanas” are conducted with breaks for “Shavasana” recovery is aptly suited for any age or more »
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