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Ananda Marga aims to serve the people through yoga, healthy lifestyle programs, relief and community development.

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Self-realisation, through Self-development and Service to Humanity


Asanas work on a deeper level: by subtle pressure on the glands of our body, they balance our hormones. Hormones play a key role in our overall health and well-being. We have classes suitable for both the young and the old, beginners to advanced.


There is more to Yoga than asanas. Meditation is a systematic and scientific way to gently focus the mind. Meditation calms the central nervous system as well as our breathing, heart rate and blood pressure. Meditation helps develop the clarity of the different situations we faced in our daily lives.


Experience Yoga lifestyle through our programs; retreats, detox programs, projects that serves our community and humanity, etc.

We have been around since 1967

Ananda Marga arrived at Singapore in 1967 and registered as a society in 1972. We are in 182 countries and counting, across the 6 continents.

AMYS Yoga Asanas

  • Rájádhirájá
  • Infiniti Yoga
  • Yin Yoga
  • Hatha Yoga
  • Yoga Flow
  • Yoga Core
  • Structured
  • Yoga for beginners, children and elderly

“Begin your journey to a more blissful life with Ananda Marga”

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What AMYS Students Say...

How yoga has changed lives? Hear from our students.

The Ananda Marga yoga exercises are uniquely different as they focus on both mind and body. Each “Asana” or “Mudra” is systematic contraction or stretching of certain muscles, sustain for a period of time, with gradual movements emphasizing on poise and tranquility. The result is relaxed and revitalized mind and body…
Anwar Ali
Director, a US Multinational Corporation
To me, Ananda Marga’s take on yoga was authentic on improving mind-body wellness that I needed and was looking for. We spent so much time on our breath control that my mind gets the calming it needed. More than just the postures, it is the meditation that I learnt that taught me to stop sweating the small stuff. I do feel more centered and I now have the tools to handle any challenges that may come my way.
Anthea Ong
Nominated Member of Parliament
I am a patient of hypothyroidism for past few years. It’s a condition where body doesn’t produce enough thyroid hormones. I joined yoga @ Ananda Marga and my hormone levels have stabilised and the dosage of my intake of medicine has been reduced as well. I think yoga really helped. Looking at my recent reports the doctor was surprised and suggested that I continue doing yoga. Thank you all @ Ananda Marga for guiding me.
Hema Jeevan

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