Teacher Carol

Carol was introduced to yoga practice in the year 2008 and was encouraged by one of her teachers Mr. Chandra to learn more about yoga. With lower back pain and firm belief that yoga practice can give lifelong benefits physically and mentally, she enrolled in the teacher training diploma course at Ananda Marga in 2016. Throughout the course, her belief in yoga benefits had been enhanced and she also took an interest in teaching.

She believes that yoga is for everyone with different physical conditions and would like to clear the doubts or misconception that one has to be physically fit to do yoga, instead, one should practise yoga to improve their physical and mental conditions. She encourages her students to take small steps and practise regularly and safety first throughout their yoga practice to avoid injuries. She firmly believes that yoga is not a competing game, but a self-practice lifestyle including physical activity, diet and philosophy.

Teacher Chin Leng

Chin Leng discovered his interest in yoga when he started to attend the lunchtime meditation sessions at Mahota in October 2017. Subsequently, he was attracted by the contents of the courses offered by Ananda Marga International Academy where he has completed his Diploma in Yoga Teacher Training in 2018.

Chin Leng has developed a keen interest in the subject of Yoga science, Yoga philosophy and the area of Yoga wellness. He went on to pursue and completed a one-month training at Ananda Marga Yoga Wellness Centre in Cebu Philippines to obtain his Diploma in Basic Natural Therapeutics in March 2019.

Chin Leng hopes to share what he has learnt with anyone who has the interest to enhance their wellness in physical, mental, emotional and energy dimensions. He strongly believed that through sharing it is where true learning and improvement begins that will benefits all beings.

Teacher Constance

Constance started learning about yoga during her teens. She is passionate about inspiring individuals who suffer from static and stressful lifestyle, lethargy and depression to maintain healthy living through practicing yoga.

Additionally, she holds a diploma in yoga science, practice and lifestyle with Ananda Marga and thus hopes to convey through her teachings here on how yoga brings about the overall physical well-being, suppleness to the body with an understanding of individual body structure and alignment and a sense of peace and calmness to the mind. With an approachable and warm personality, she is confident in bringing the best out of her students.

Constance learns that her students are also her teachers as understanding each of their needs is as important. She has taught children with special needs, mentally challenged patients from IMH, secondary students in school as part of the co-curriculum program and senior citizens at the senior care centre. She has also conducted corporate classes and classes at community centres. She bonded with her students through her teachings and many have maintained special friendships with her. A mother with three grownups, Constance enjoys long nature walks, lap swimming, reading and sewing.

Teacher Iishvarii

Iishvarii believes that Yoga is the answer to one’s physical, mental and spiritual well-being.

Ever since she received her training with Ananda Marga in 2009, her life has changed. She believes strongly that through her yoga practice (Asanas, diet and meditation) that she finally managed to conceive a beautiful boy, benefited her greatly on this journey of motherhood. She is currently freelancing at both AMYS and Botanic Gardens, teaching people how to feel good in the inside. She is also a trained makeup artist at Cosmoprof helping people to look good on the outside. She organises nature walks on the first Saturday of every month, bring her friends and family to reconnect with nature.

Teacher Jaime

Jaime teachers Structured-Beg/Inter/Adv. Her detail profile will be available soon.

Teacher Kuan

Kuan’s yoga journey started in 2004. Like many, it began as physical activity. Gradually, she loves the “me” time on the mat when it allows her to be grounded and be connected with her inner self. Yoga teaches her to live life with strength, compassion and bliss.

Since 2013, she has been actively taking up yoga training courses first with Yoga Point (Yoga Vidya Gurukul) in India, second, Yin Yoga Teacher Training by Victor Chng with Yin Yoga Asia in Singapore, third, Yoga Therapy Training. Today, she is certified to administer the use of a series of specific yoga postures, breath regulations and the modification of lifestyle and dietary habits, plus meditation, to bring about positive changes.

Kuan also studied under some renowned teachers like Andrei Ram, Sinhee Ye, Brian Campbell, Amy Ippoliti, Tiffany Cruikshank, Simon Low, Audrey Lappa, Rodney Yee, Colleen Saidman, Sharon Gannon, Leslie Kaninoff, Ashley Turner and Laura Burhart.

After two decades in the corporate world, Kuan made the brave, bold, possibly best decision for her body, mind and soul to teach yoga. She teaches Hatha Yoga, Yin Yoga, Vinyasa Flow and Yin Yang, focusing on body alignment, breathing, learning to find space from within to feel calm and blissful in the body and mind. She enjoys working alongside her students of different competencies and all ages, Kuan believes that her students are her best teachers.

One of her motivations to evangelize the benefits of yoga is the true sense of peace and joy yoga offers her – on and off the mat. She is passionate about helping others find a comfortable and competent way to move their bodies through life, with yoga.

Teacher Ma Yue

Ma Yue teachers Kids’ Yoga. Her detail profile will be available soon.

Teacher Padmini

In 2008, after her first yoga lesson, Padmini felt completely relax and began practising yoga regularly. But in 2012, due to stress at work and unregulated diet, she suffered from a serious asthma attack and fell sick frequently.

Padmini started to make a conscious effort in practising her yoga poses, in her diet and mental well-being. With a deeper understanding of a yogic lifestyle, she started taking a Diploma in Yoga Science, Practice and Lifestyle with Ananda Marga Yoga Society in Singapore.

Apart from having a healthy diet, she constantly practices yoga poses and meditation. With the new yoga way of life, her asthma is under control. Asana, meditation and vegetarian diet contributed to both her physical and mental health, resulting in her spiritual and emotional transformation, and self-discipline plays an essential part. Padmini encourages self-practice and mindfulness. ​She hopes ​her students can​feel refresh after her class and bring that awareness to every moment in their lives. ​

Teacher Priscilla

Yoga has brought Priscilla many tangible and intangible benefits. What started as a form of physical exercise and de-stressor for a high energy executive and mother to four young children became a beautiful journey of self-realisation. Beginning with Hatha and progressing to Ashtanga Yoga, she eventually found herself drawn to the dynamic flow of Vinyasa. The ever-changing choreography of a Vinyasa practice while synchronising breath with movement appealed to Priscilla, who was trained in classical ballet for over fifteen years in her youth.

In the early years of her practise, Priscilla sustained several injuries due to her limited understanding of the proper way to get into postures. Being forced to slow down for six months or more each time to enable her body to recover, she realised that yoga has a deeper mind-body dimension beyond the physical workout. With over 10 years of regular practice in different forms of yoga, under numerous teachers, Priscilla decided to share the gift of yoga by getting certified as an instructor.

Priscilla teaches mindfulness through body awareness and emphasises on proper alignment in a safe and supportive environment. She practises daily to continue her learning journey and provide guidance to both, beginners and seasoned practitioners, who practise with her.

Teacher Dorah

Dorah’s passion for yoga leads her on a journey to pursue yoga wellness and nutrition, Yin Yoga Teacher Training with Victor Chng’s Yin Yoga In Asia, and Hatha Yoga Teacher Training course with Dr. Venky’s Shivshakti Yoga Institute (International) India/Singapore.

Certificate Course in Backache Management (Yogic Methods) with Dr. Venky, Certificate in Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR), completed the Basic and Intermediate Nutrition Course with The Veg School, currently attending Advance Nutrition Course. Certificate in Ayurveda and Diet Course.

Dorah has been teaching yoga to adults and teenagers since Jan 2015. She loves to share what she has learned and continue to upgrade herself to give more to her students. She organises Yin Yoga Training, Workshops and Retreat in Malaysia. She is also an approved People Association’s trainer and a certified first-aider by Singapore First Aid Centre.

Teacher Vivian

Vivian teachers Yoga for Beginners. Her detail profile will be available soon.