In every human being there are four main inborn mental characteristics:

1) expansion,
2) flow,
3) service and
4) merging into the Supreme Desideratum.

In every human being, there is a thirst for unlimitedness, this urge makes our mind to expand to infinity. When many people come together to share this path of marching together towards the Ultimate Truth, the path is not that hard when one travel alone.

The time comes when human mental expansion becomes a natural progressive human characteristic. When this mental expansion is continuous and natural, one unlocked the second stage of human inborn characteristic.

“You know that service and commercial transactions are not the same. A commercial transaction is mutual: the guiding principle is to give something in exchange for something else. But service is unilateral; you are not accepting or demanding anything in exchange for your service.”

This is the spirit of service adopted by Ánanda Márga. When people share their services with as many people as possible and come together selflessly the harmony created is priceless.

The Ánanda Márga volunteers in Singapore offered their service since its inception to different programs.

On-Going programs:

Free Infiniti Yoga classes in Montfort Care – Marine Parade and Mahota – Lavender for active and healthy lifestyle.

Montfort Care - Marine Parade

Mahota - Lavender