Anwar Ali

Director, a US Multinational Corporation

I have just completed the Beginner’s yoga class & in fact, I repeated the Beginner’s class to comprehend the concepts better and apply well during my home practices. The relaxed pace at which the breath synchronized “Asanas” are conducted with breaks for “Shavasana” recovery is aptly suited for any age or body condition.

The gentle stretching, bending and “Kaoshiki” dancing simulate blood circulation, calm the nervous system and gently stroke the respective glands to secrete vital hormones into the bloodstream.

The Ananda Marga yoga exercises are uniquely different as they focus on both mind and body. Each “Asana” or “Mudra” is systematic contraction or stretching of certain muscles, sustain for a period of time, with gradual movements emphasizing on poise and tranquility. The result is relaxed and revitalized mind and body…

Anthea Ong

Nominated Member of Parliament

When I started my beginner’s class with AMYS, I had a broken heart and was nursing immense and severe emotional pain. But I felt good for the first time in a long time after that first lesson as I had to focus on the breathing and postures so my pain had no place for those two hours. I was calmed in a very deeply soothing way. To me, Ananda Marga’s take on yoga was authentic on improving mind-body wellness that I needed and was looking for. We spent so much time on our breath control that my mind gets the calming it needed.

More than just the postures, it is the meditation that I learnt that taught me to stop sweating the small stuff. I do feel more centred and I now have the tools to handle any challenges that may come my way.

Hema Jeevan

I am a patient of hypothyroidism for past few years. It’s a condition where body doesn’t produce enough thyroid hormones. I joined yoga @ Ananda Marga and my hormone levels have stabilised and the dosage of my intake of medicine has been reduced as well. I think yoga really helped. Looking at my recent reports the doctor was surprised and suggested that I continue doing yoga. Thank you all @ Ananda Marga for guiding me.

Brenda Lam

I find the yoga programme here at Ananda Marga Yoga Society of Singapore very different from other yoga places, which I’ve attended previously. The instructor took the time to explain the purpose and functions of each yoga pose. This helps the students to understand and appreciate the lesson better. In this way, it also makes learning more effective. The meditation also helps to stay calm. My body is also more flexible. I would recommend anyone to take up yoga here at Ananda Marga Yoga Society of Singapore for a healthier and calmer lifestyle.

Velinda Wee

I find yoga classes at Ananda Marga enjoyable. I like the soothing and peaceful environment and I have deeply enjoyed the sense of calmness after each session. The handouts which were given out after each session have also helped me to further practice and understand the benefits of the different poses taught during the session.

Like many Singaporeans today, we live in the world of “stress” and our search for material needs and comfort have created tremendous burden and unhappiness for ourselves. After practicing yoga actively for several months, I’m seeing a change in how I manage stress and my day to day activities. I’m definitely a calmer person now as compared to months ago. My body aches and stomach discomfort have also reduced and I believe that it will one day go away with daily Yoga and meditation. In fact, I’ve also introduced the Yoga classes for my colleagues in the company and they’ve enjoyed the benefits of yoga too. ”

Sally Woo

My work in the finance industry has probably built up my stress levels silently and when the dizziness and spinning came one morning 4 years ago, it was a wake-up call. I was diagnosed with hypertension and am now on life-long medication to control my blood pressure.

My connection with Ananda Marga Yoga was sparked off by advice from one of its practising yogis over a casual lunch. I started the Beginners’ class, went on to Intermediate and attempted the Advanced level. Thereafter, I became a continuing student just so that I could have that 2-hour calm and meditative environment once every week to ‘get away from it all’.

Over the years, I have become more contented, relaxed and healthy (must be the self-massage), not to mention that at my age, I can become supple as well through constant practice as I do the basic asanas (yoga poses) daily at home. ”

Eileen Tan

I’ve always been very curious about yoga but had a misconception that one needs to be very flexible to practice it. I was skeptical but decided to try when a friend recommended it. The experience has been very calming. I take this as a chance to ‘exercise’ & stretch physically since I do not exercise regularly. Also, yoga has been able to help my shoulder ache problem to a certain extent. I am keen to learn meditation and experience all the goodness that comes along with it.

Becky Yeo

I like the poses and find yoga classes relaxing and beneficial. After the classes, I am able to have better sleep at night. I am more aware of correcting my posture after learning yoga. The teacher is wonderful, she is patient and she makes effort to get to know each participant well.