In 1967, Ananda Marga missionaries started their service work in Singapore and settled down in Thomson Road after registering as a society in 1972, serving the professionals and polytechnic students from Singapore Polytechnic. We were also a Yoga Society in Singapore Polytechnic.

We were in Jalan Eunos for a while, serving old folks homes.


Between 1984 – 2002, Ananda Marga Yoga Society found its home in Wilkinson Road. Teaching adults of different ages and conducted Yoga Fairs to spread the goodness of yoga and wellness to the masses.

Marine Parade

Between 2003 – 2012, Ananda Marga Yoga Society shifted to Marine Parade and there we started teaching yoga to kids and our yoga academy. Our yoga teacher training is one of its kind, covering yoga history, science, philosophy, psychology, how to conduct a class, ethics, etc. A holistic view of what is yoga and how it can benefit the society.

Waringin Park​

From 2013, the Ananda Marga Yoga Society shifted to the current location at Waringin Park. Here we continue to conduct our yoga and wellness activities, from yoga for all ages to cooking classes and detox camps, retreats, etc.

Yoga academy courses, going beyond yoga teacher training into different specialized faculties. And our service programs to the elderlies.